Studies that consider multiple lifestyle health factors linked to good health provide strong evidence that no one health-enhancing factor is decisive and that the more beneficial factors—the Building Blocks of Health—that are present in a person’s life the healthier they will be. Fortunately, the elements of a healthy lifestyle are not in conflict; they are mutually reinforcing or synergistic. Healthy behavior patterns, when practiced together, have a beneficial effect that is greater than the sum of each individual effect.

No diet or lifestyle can guarantee good health, but the drawbacks and sacrifices of lifestyle modification are minimal compared to the potential benefits. Studies reveal how few of us adhere to all of the behaviors associated with longevity and health; however, a healthy lifestyle is not an all or nothing phenomenon. Some—probably most—people will find it difficult or impossible to adopt an optimal lifestyle, at least not all of the time. Keep in mind that any progress toward an improved lifestyle will make some contribution to enhanced health and wellbeing.

It may take many years for the silent damage from high blood cholesterol or high blood pressure to result in clinical cardiovascular disease and symptoms. Fortunately, as has been noted, lifestyle changes, such as those brought about by adherence to the very low-fat, whole-food, plant-based diet Pritikin program, can rapidly improve health. Restrictions on smoking have been found to affect hospital admissions for acute coronary syndromes and mortality within a few months. A healthy lifestyle can quickly improve health, and it is effective at any age.

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