• Cover up coughs and wear a mask during epidemics caused by airborne
transmission of pathogens.
• Physical distance and avoid poorly ventilated spaces if recommended.
• Stay home when sick.
• Wash your hands often.
• Choose, handle and prepare food safely.
• Clean and disinfect commonly used surfaces.
• Don’t share personal items.
• Avoid touching wild animals.
• Practice safe sex.
• Be a smart traveler.
• Use antibiotics sensibly .
• Get vaccinated to stay healthy.

Good hygiene and self-care when sick is not enough to stay healthy and prevent
infectious diseases. Vaccination is also essential to stay healthy—do not fear it—
vaccination could save your life. Recommended vaccinations and vaccination
schedules are updated frequently, so consult the Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention for up to date information. Additional information can be found at http://

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