• Young and healthy men and women often face reproductive health risks that
they need to address by sexuality education and by the adoption of safe
• The use of effective contraceptives, especially the highly effective long-acting
reversible contraceptive (LARC) methods, IUDs, and implants, can reliably
prevent the detrimental social and health consequences of unintended
• The use of condoms and other safe sexual practices can effectively prevent the
acquisition of potentially fatal sexually transmitted infections.
• The safest pattern of childbearing for both a mother and her child is to avoid
births at teen ages, older than age 35, more closely spaced than two years
apart, and of higher birth orders, i.e., after the second or third birth. Always
get prenatal care, and hospital delivery is the safest for mother and child.
• Abortion carried out by well-trained health care providers is very safe and
many times safer than childbirth, especially when carried out early in
• Overactive bladder often improves after making healthy behavioral and
lifestyle choices.

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