Some decline in memory and cognitive function with age is normal. Reversal of dementia
is very difficult, only partially successful or impossible after it is well established,
so prevention through measures that preserve brain health is crucial.
These measures improve all aspects of health and also protect against age-related
cognitive impairment, Alzheimer disease, and the vascular causes of dementia:

• Adhere to the guidelines of the Lifestyle Checklist.
• Consider testing for ApoE4 and other genes that heighten risk.
• Be physically active, the more vigorous, the better (40% lower risk).
• Take on hard and challenging mental work.
• Avoid cardiovascular disease risk factors, high blood pressure, high LDL-Cholesterol.
• Consume a whole food plant-based (Ornish or Mediterranean or MIND) diet.
• Prevent insulin resistance and diabetes (50% increased risk).
• Avoid overweight and obesity.
• Limit alcohol, better yet to avoid brain damage don’t drink any amount of
alcohol .
• Do not use mind-altering drugs they are brain-damaging.
• Do not smoke (50% to 80% increased risk).
• Manage depression and anxiety.
• Get enough sleep.
• Stay socially connected.
• Protect your head from injury.
• Rule out vitamin B12 deficiency, stress and other reversible causes of dementia
• Do not rely on brain training to avoid cognitive decline.
• No known dietary supplement improves cognition and brain health, save your

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