• Regular physical activity reduces the risk of many adverse health outcomes
including premature death; overweight and obesity; high blood pressure;
unhealthy blood lipid patterns; dementia; heart disease, stroke and other
cardiovascular diseases; metabolic syndrome; osteoporosis; breast, colon and
other cancers; anxiety and depression; and type 2 diabetes.
• Regular physical activity provides beneficial health outcomes, including
helping control weight and improving muscle strength, balance, fitness,
athletic ability, and personal appearance.
• Any physical activity is better than none.
• Most health benefits occur with at least 150 minutes a week of moderateintensity
physical activity, or 75 minutes a week of vigorous-intensity
physical activity, and these totals can be accumulated on any schedule.
• Depending on personal health and fitness goals, you can meet the
Physical Activity Guidelines in all sorts of ways and with many types of
physical activity.
• Both aerobic (e.g., brisk walking, running, swimming, cross-country skiing,
bicycling) and muscle-strengthening physical activities are recommended,
and together they are more beneficial than either alone.
• For most health outcomes, additional benefits occur as the amount of
physical activity increases through higher intensity, greater frequency,
and/or longer duration.
• If you are over the age of 30, or have any health condition, or are taking
medication, make sure that you have a checkup and clearance from your
medical care provider prior to undertaking a new physical activity regimen.
• To avoid injuries and other problems, it is important to warm up, increase
the amount of physical activity slowly, and cool down.

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