• Avoid tobacco, vaping, and secondhand smoke. It is never too late to quit.
• Avoid overweight and obesity.
• Be physically active.
• Eat a whole-food plant-based diet high in fiber, fruit, and vegetables (at least
2½ cups a day).
• Avoid refined grains and added sugar.
• Eliminate or at least limit red meats.
• Eliminate processed meats.
• Avoid high heat cooking of high-protein foods (poultry, meat, fish).
• Do not drink alcohol or at least limit it to one alcoholic drink a day or less.
• Protect your skin from the sun.
• Limit CT Scans and X-rays.
• Test for radon.
• Avoid hazardous workplace exposures.
• Avoid indoor and outdoor air pollution .
• Get girls and boys vaccinated against HPV.
• Have regular check-ups and up-to-date recommended cancer screening tests.

The presentations about cancer in this blog owe much to information made available by the American Cancer
Society (ACS), and the reader is encouraged to consult the ACS website at http://
www.cancer.org for easy to understand information about cancer prevention and
treatment. For questions about cancer, you can call the American Cancer Society
anytime, day or night, at 1-800-227-234.

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