A warm-up or cool-down involves doing an activity at a slower speed or lower
intensity. A warm-up before activity allows a gradual increase in heart rate and
breathing at the start of the episode of activity. A cool-down after activity allows
a gradual decrease at the end of the episode. Time spent doing warm-up and cooldown
may count toward meeting the aerobic activity Guidelines if the activity is
at least moderate intensity (for example, walking briskly as a warm-up before jogging).
A warm-up for muscle-strengthening activity commonly involves doing exercises
with lighter weight.

Some athletes use icy water to cool down after a workout in the belief that it improves
recovery and enhances fitness gains. The science behind this practice is
weak. Recent research found that the biopsied muscle fiber size increases were
greater among athletes who rested after weight training than those of athletes who
underwent a post-workout cold soak.

Adults can meet the Physical Activity Guidelines in all sorts of ways and with many
types of physical activity. The choices of types and amounts of physical activity
depend on personal health and fitness goals.

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