Clearly, mental health has a major influence on the quality of life, physical health,
and health care costs. Mood disorders, anxiety, psychosis, and many other mental
health conditions are major sources of unhappiness and disability. To prevent mental
health problems and enhance mental well-being there are some things we can’t
do, like ensuring warm and caring parents or altering our genetic propensity to mental
problems, and many things we don’t fully understand, such as how to prevent
psychosis in those at high risk.

But there are things under our control that we can do to foster good mental health.
They include avoiding misuse of drugs and alcohol, getting enough exercise, employment
of relaxation techniques, getting enough sleep, staying socially and physically
active, and socially connected. The Harvard Mastery of Stress Study identified
additional factors that predicted healthy physical and psychological aging that
we can influence through our own behavior: having a stable marriage, being well
educated, maintaining a healthy weight, and employing mature adaptations to life

It would be wonderful if all of us were happy and mentally healthy all of the time,
but this is not the situation for most of us. You should not hesitate to seek professional
help from a reputable well-trained health care provider when any form of
mental illness occurs.

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