Since eating more calories than you expend is the cause of obesity, it is useful to determine
how many calories you should eat each day to maintain your current weight
and then to decide on a weight loss goal and the average daily calorie intake needed
to lose the amount of weight you want. To maintain their current weight, a person
who gets at least an average of 30 minutes of physical activity every day requires
about 15 calories per pound of body weight. For a completely sedentary person,
this figure would drop to about 12 calories per pound to maintain their weight.

When you cut 3500 calories out of your regular diet, as the weeks go by, the time
to lose a pound of weight will increase. This is because the initial weight loss will
include body water, and as your weight declines, your metabolism slows as your
body tries to preserve energy stores, and it takes less energy to move a lighter body
around for daily activities.

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