We know from animal experiments that altering metabolism through restriction of
food slows aging in many animals. However, the role of chronic calorie restriction
on human longevity is not clear. Life extension was not found in experiments at the
National Institute of Aging when rhesus monkeys on calorie restricted diets were
compared to those on a healthy diet with calories restricted enough to avoid obesity.

In similar monkey experiments at the Wisconsin National Primate Research
Center, when a control group was allowed to eat a typical U.S. style high sugar
diet (sucrose was 28.5% of carbohydrates) without restriction, the calorie restricted
monkeys lived longer. These experiments suggest that the nature of the diet and
overfeeding were more important than severe calorie restriction.

It is not known how relevant these effects are for humans or their potential for extending human
life. The monkey experiments suggest that for age extension, eating a healthy diet
and avoiding overweight is as healthful as and certainly a lot more pleasant than
chronic severe calorie restriction.

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