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Dr. Speidel makes geometric art under the name of of JJ Webster.

The artist brings the viewer bright colors and order, exploiting the strength and power of shape and color. By eliminating narrative subject matter, the primary resonance that we feel with shape and color is brought to the forefront and its impact on the viewer is immediate.

About the Artist:  JJ Webster (American)

JJ Webster is a research physician who works in the San Francisco Bay Area.  He is inspired by the order and repetition of forms found in nature as well as the geometric works of artists such as Frank Stella and Ellsworth Kelly.

Webster explores pure shape, line, color and form in varying levels of complexity.

Webster sought inspiration by careful observation of art and architecture during extensive international travel through the great cities and museums of the United States and Europe as well as through visits to countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

Webster states “Through art I seek to offer bright colors and order to the viewer as an antidote to the gloom and chaos that we often must face in everyday life.  My goal is to uplift emotions and to please the eye.”

Webster favors frameless presentations floating a modest distance from the wall claiming kinship with Picasso in his belief that frames detract from the overall experience of the viewer.

All JJ Webster art is made digitally and provided framed, made with permanent archrival quality pigments and materials and laminated for UV protection and durability.

JJ Webster art is available in a broad variety of sizes.  Standard sizes are from 8.5”X 11” to 42.5” X 55”.  In addition to the standard options, through special orders, JJ Webster art is also available in larger sizes and in a variety of mountings, finishes and framing.



Gull Wings

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